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You must be a citizen of the USA or Canada. Fill out your name and your Energi address (if you need an Energi address, you can download "Coinomi" wallet app from google play or appstore).

Step 1

KYC Confirmation

Upload two selfies: A selfie holding your ID only showing your picture and name (you can edit the rest, or cover it up with post it notes/tape) and A selfie of you holding a piece of paper with #Energi and today's date.

Step 2

Social Actions

Follow a minimum of two Energi social media channels. Be sure to Like, Comment, and Share our Facebook post, as well as Like and Retweet our Twitter post. These are the highest rewarding actions!

Step 3

Wait For The Airdrop

Now just wait till the round 2 ends. You will get Coins from social actions + 10 from referral registration. You can get up to 110 coins ! Today they are worth more than 400$ ! Just google NRG COIN price

Step 4


* KYC info verifying you are a citizen of one of the following: USA, Canada
* This must be your first time participating in an Energi Earndrop
* Energi (NRG) wallet address — download here (an NRG address starts with an "E" and is 34 characters in length)
* An active account on at least 2 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, GitHub, LinkedIn)